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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that virus restrictions on travel and gatherings would be lifted across most of New Zealand this week. In most of the country, New Zealanders were freed of rules put in place to curb the spread of the virus on Monday night.

In Auckland, restrictions will be eased but not entirely lifted at midnight Wednesday. The city was the center of a mysterious outbreak in August that prompted Ms. Ardern to reimpose a lockdown. Those guidelines will be reviewed in two weeks, she said.

Details: Starting on Thursday, Auckland residents will be able to gather in groups of up to 100 but will be required to stay home if they are sick and log their contacts and movements. Masks remain compulsory on public transportation and are encouraged elsewhere in public.

Why haven’t Facebook’s recent actions against the QAnon conspiracy worked?

Sheera: It’s tricky. People don’t want to feel like they’re being harassed, monitored or censored. And false conspiracies attach themselves to genuine activism like protecting children.

Imagine a mom is posting in a parenting Facebook group for help finding a tutor, and someone responds with an article about teachers with criminal records getting hired in schools. Two days later she might be on a QAnon group reading bogus claims about child exploitation. She didn’t seek out QAnon content. How does Facebook take action on something like that?

What should Facebook do about QAnon?

The one idea we hear again and again is for Facebook to stop its automated recommendation systems from suggesting groups supporting QAnon and other conspiracies.

Other than that, every expert has a different opinion.

One I spoke with said Facebook needed to decide whether it would take a hard line against all conspiracies. Another said it would be more productive to slowly cut back the circulation of QAnon-related information on Facebook and give people some clear information on why it’s false and dangerous.

Have any internet companies managed to slow the spread of false QAnon-related ideas?

Reddit used to be ground zero for QAnon until it banned a whole section of the site dedicated to the conspiracy in 2018.

Could things have been different for conspiracies on Facebook, too?

I wonder how different our world would look if Facebook, YouTube and Twitter joined Reddit in taking coordinated, effective action against QAnon. That’s what the companies did in 2015 when the Islamic State was using social media to recruit new followers. You could see almost in real time that ISIS lost much of its ability to recruit online.

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