Tyler Posey Reads Thirst Tweets

Great news for spooky fans everywhere: Tyler Posey’s new movie Alone comes out Oct. 16, and to celebrate, we invited Tyler to Zoom with us and read some of y’all’s ~thirstiest~ tweets about him.


not to be horny on the main like ever but I need tyler posey to kiss me on the forehead


tyler posey:
-hot as fuck
-great actor
-nice human being
-his smile tho
-underrated kinda
-i love him
-dont @ me


i wanna bake cupcakes with tyler posey but at the same time i want him to lick the frosting off my body


Say what u want but if tyler posey dropped an onlyfans I’d instantly subscribe I have been simping for that man since I was like 14


Tyler posey could slap me in the face with his dick and knock out two of my teeth and I would just swallow them happily

And be sure to stream Alone when it comes out on VOD Oct. 16!

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