TV And Film Hair Fails

Shame on all these TV shows and movies for spreading mis-hair-formation!

Now, I’m not a professional hairdresser, but I have done my own hair for almost a decade. I know how much work it takes, so I get a *little* annoyed when TV shows and movies are just SO unrealistic when it comes to hair. Here are some of the worst examples!


When Knives easily dyed her hair blue without bleach in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Universal Pictures

You can tell that underneath the dye, her hair is still black, so she didn’t bleach it first! Pro tip: If you put blue dye on black hair, nothing will happen.


When Aria and Emily had these ridiculous hairstyles that were apparently “blowouts” on Pretty Little Liars.


Does Pretty Little Liars know what a blowout is?? There’s no way they achieved this without intense teasing and possibly a Bump It. And then in a later scene, their hair was back to normal!


When Penelope spilled a “Nairtini” on Amanda’s hair and it IMMEDIATELY started falling off on Gossip Girl.

The CW

Don’t you have to leave Nair on for a few minutes for it to work? In a later scene, she’s wearing a scarf, suggesting a ton of her hair has fallen out. I feel like if she washed it out fast enough, that wouldn’t happen!


Whenever Sarah or Laurel wore a blonde wig to fight on Arrow.

The CW

That looks like a pretty cheap, uncomfortable wig, and you can SEE the fake hair falling into her eyes. We’re expected to believe she FOUGHT in this thing?? It’s bad enough when superheroes fight with their hair down, but with a big, thick wig??? Just no.


When Claudia seemed to have a different colored streak each episode on Warehouse 13.

Justin Stephens / © SYFY / Everett

I don’t know how she managed to change the color that often — and to something so vibrant every time! Was she re-bleaching it every week??


When Haley had red hair while telling Nathan she was pregnant, then had blonde hair when they were done having sex on One Tree Hill.

The CW

This isn’t so much a hair fail as a continuity fail, but it still bugs me. I don’t care how good Nathan is in bed, he did not turn her hair blonde.


When Viola pulled off her wig and her hair was gorgeous in She’s the Man.

DreamWorks Pictures

I don’t even know how she hid all that hair in the wig, especially without a wig cap!


And when Miley took off her Hannah wig and had perfect wavy hair on Hannah Montana.

Disney Channel

Again, no wig cap?? OR bobby pins holding the wig on??


In Pretty Little Liars, when A forced Aria to give herself pink streaks when she was being held hostage in the dollhouse.


She didn’t have bleach. She didn’t even have a sink. (Wait, side note: How did the girls go to the bathroom??) How did this work??


And then A somehow gave her a perfect haircut while she was unconscious in bed.


Did Cece have a hairdresser’s license? How was this haircut a “punishment”? It was super chic!


When Jason and Kaylee dyed Marty’s hair orange by replacing his hair products in Big Fat Liar.

Universal Pictures

Marty had brown hair. Without bleaching it, there was no way this would’ve worked.


In Matilda, when Matilda used peroxide to dye her father’s hair and he didn’t notice until it was done.

TriStar Pictures

Even hair bleach burns your head. But pure peroxide? He would feel that!! Also, word of warning: Please do not use peroxide to dye your hair.


In Orange Is the New Black, when Frieda similarly stole some cleaning bleach and used it to give herself white streaks.


Not safe, and would not have worked that well. How come no one’s hair ever falls out in these scenarios??


In Bride Wars, when the hairdresser somehow didn’t notice he was putting blue dye on Liv’s hair??

20th Century Fox

Blue hair dye is….you guessed it….BLUE. The tone they used would have been an especially dark turquoise. How did he not notice Emma switched it out??


In Clueless, when Cher and Dionne simply washed out the red dye from Tai’s hair.

Paramount Pictures

Unless she’d just put like Overtone or something in (which didn’t exist then), this would not have been possible.


In Gone Girl, when Amy cut her hair into the perfect bob by eyeballing it. Oh, and she dyed it.

20th Century Fox

Amy was a criminal mastermind, but I didn’t realize she was a professional hairdresser, too.


When Hallie gave Annie an identical haircut to hers (complete with sidebangs) in The Parent Trap.

Walt Disney Pictures

She was 11. I can’t even cut my own bangs now without them looking super uneven.


And finally, when Flynn somehow cut Rapunzel’s hair with A SHARD OF GLASS in Tangled.


That must’ve been a VERY sharp shard of glass. Also — and I know this is controversial — it was the perfect pixie cut!! Maybe Flynn should’ve been a hairdresser instead of turning to a life of crime!

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