SZA Hilariously Livetweeted Her First “Euphoria” Watch

And it seems like SZA learned that the hard way when she fired up Euphoria for the first time.

But SZA kept on and kept tweeting her thoughts as she watched. She shared who her favorite character is…

She admitted that, as a character, Rue hits a little uncomfortably close to home…

SZA also compared Euphoria actress Alexa Demie (specifically, the vengeful vibes of her character Maddy) to her own song “Supermodel,” from her incredible 2017 album CTRL

Lmao her fucking in the pool to piss off an ex is VERY SUPERMODEL AND I LOVED IT 😌

…But, she also had some critiques of the show in general.

She had some thoughts on some of the show’s very risqué scenes.

Make no mistake, though: SZA was clearly deep in Euphoria land, and loving it.

Mmmk I know 30 white boys like fez from back home . Kat is an entrepreneur Nate needs a FIRM ASS WHOOPING.and Rue got me in tears .

Like, really loving it.

I went from never seeing an episode b4 tnt to NEEDING TO BE IN SEASON 2 PPPFFFFFF I-

But every good binge watch has to come to an end, and after a flood of emotions that every single person who’s ever watched Euphoria has experienced, SZA called it a night.

I jus cried while thanking my dog for being so funny looking and allowing me to laugh at her.. turning off euphoria 🥴Gn lol

Don’t worry, SZA—Euphoria will still be there when you’re ready to return to it.

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