Shakira’s Meme-Inspiring Super Bowl Halftime Show Explained

There was one standout meme from the Super Bowl LIV, and we have Shakira to thank for it.

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Before Jennifer Lopez joined her onstage for the halftime show, there was one particular highlight: the, um, very interesting thing she did with her mouth.

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Here’s a look at it:

If you didn’t watch the superbowl this is all you have to know #PepsiHalftime #SuperBowl

Within seconds, many people hopped on Twitter to make sense of the moment — and praise it.

This is the #PepsiHalftime moment I didn’t know I needed.

We have no choice but to stan Shakira. #SuperBowlLIV

But some people were confused by what exactly was happening with Shakira.

Obviously they’ve never heard of “ululation,” the high-pitched sound that comes from moving your tongue back and forth really quickly, which is an expression of joy for various cultures.

Or a zaghrouta:

Shakira — whose father is Lebanese — appeared to perform a traditional Arab vocal expression known as a “zaghrouta” during her halftime Super Bowl performance.

As some noted, this isn’t the first time Shakira has done this vocal expression.

Shes been doing this for the performance since the oral fixation tour and it’s just now becoming a meme 😩

But that didn’t stop much of the internet from making the moment a meme.

My friend: “Hey, could you translate what Shakira was saying during that song.”
#SBLIV #PepsiHalftime

Consider it one more reason that this year’s halftime show was iconic.

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