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Ron Weasley Trivia Quiz

  1. Ron’s middle name is revealed during the reading of Dumbledore’s will.

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  2. Going into the Forbidden Forest and being attacked by spiders doesn’t help much!

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  3. Ron takes Padma while Harry takes her twin sister Parvati, but neither girl is happy while their dates.

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  4. After the Womping Willow attacks Ron and Harry in Arthur’s car, Ron tries (and fails) to fix his wand with Spellotape.

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  5. In the Burrow, Ron’s room is a violent shade of orange because it’s filled with Chudley Cannons posters and blankets.

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  6. After a rocky start, he gets over his nerves and becomes a pretty good one, too!

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  7. Ron wants to be known for his accomplishments without being overshadowed by his many older brothers.

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  8. When Sirius gives Ron an owl, Ginny calls him Pigwidgeon. Though Ron doesn’t like the name, he gives him the nickname Pig.

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  9. Ron and Hermione’s names are revealed when they join the Potters on Platform 9 3/4.

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