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Marge Simpson feels ‘disrespected’ by Jenna Ellis’ Kamala comparison


Joe Biden’s newly-announced running mate, Kamala Harris, has the approval of 87 percent of Democrats as the potential VP.


Marge Simpson is slightly offended by   Donald Trump’s campaign adviser, Jenna Ellis.

A day after presidential hopeful Joe Biden announced that he’d picked Kamala Harris as his running mate, Ellis took to Twitter to comment that Harris “sounds like Marge Simpson.”

The matriarch of the Simpsons family was none too pleased. In a video shared to The Simpsons’ official Twitter account Friday, Marge offered a response to Ellis. 

“Marge Simpson has something to say,” the tweet read.

“I usually don’t get into politics, but the president’s senior adviser Jenna Ellis just said Kamala Harris sounds like me,” Simpson said. “Lisa said she doesn’t mean it as a compliment.”

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted that “the ‘suburban housewife’ will be voting for me… They want safety & are thrilled that I ended the long running program where low income housing would invade their neighborhood. Biden would reinstall it, in a bigger form, with Corey Booker in charge!”

Simpson (voiced by Julie Kavner) said that “as an ordinary suburban housewife”  she’s  feeling a little “disrespected.” 

“I teach my children not to name call, Jenna. I was gonna say I’m pissed off, but I’m afraid they’d bleep it.”

Ellis responded to the Simpsons’ comment by sharing the video and writing that “Marge is probably going to vote Democrat… by mail.”

Trump has blasted vote-by-mail – particularly elections when states automatically send ballots to all registered voters.

Without any evidence, he lamented the likelihood of rampant fraud and even suggested the November election be delayed over coronavirus concerns. More voters are opting to vote by mail to avoid voting in person.

Contributing: Hannah Morse, Palm Beach Post

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