How the Pandemic Has Changed Apartment Building Amenities

Studios at the condo, which began sales last month start at $750,000.

Furniture is also a focus at Charlie West, a 123-unit condo at 505 West 43rd Street in Hell’s Kitchen from the firms Elad Group and Mi & Co, which is offering buyers a $10,000 credit that can be spent to create one of the most coveted of amenities in this stay-at-home period: a dedicated home office.

Owners of studios can, say, spend the money on a special mirror that can fold down from a wall and double as a desk, according to Andres Escobar, a senior partner of Lemay and Escobar, the designer of the condo’s interiors. Or, the money can maybe help convert a bedroom into a full-fledged work space, with lights, partitions, wallpaper, a large screen and a desk. Mr. Escobar’s services are free; the money covers labor and materials.

Demand for home offices should outlast the pandemic. Mr. Escobar said. “It will be kind of like having a fridge. You will have a home office.”

Studios start at $750,000, at the building, which has sold and closed 29 of its 123 units since marketing began in 2017, according to public records.

Other changes are less physical and more programmatic. At One West End, a three-year-old condo with 246 units from the Elad Group and Silverstein Properties with 246 units, 234 of which have sold, residents have repurposed a portion of a stylish sixth-floor terrace.

White couches where adults might have once sipped cocktails will be pushed aside this week to make way for socially distanced classes for children, after their online-school day is through. There will be acting lessons and chemistry experiments, according to a project spokeswoman. When the weather turns chilly, the building might roll out heat lamps.

But as couches can be repositioned, and gym machines plugged back in, many of the Covid-era fixes will be short term, according to Nancy Packes, the principal of Nancy Packes Data Services, which consults developers on projects.

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