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I’m calling my mom to help with this one.

Each of these games is an actual question from Family Feud that has four to eight top answers. Once you start typing, you’ll have three minutes to guess all the top answers to that question. Good luck, and don’t forget to ask your family for help!

Name something you do that rhymes with “grow up.”

Name something that drips.

Which of the seven dwarfs describes how you feel after a couple of drinks?

What would it be hard to do if you accidentally put on super glue instead of lipstick?

Name an office supply you’d use to pick food out of your teeth.

Name something a husband might find all over the bed that makes him suspect his wife is having an affair with a baker.

If a man ran out of deodorant, name a fruit he might rub under his pits to hide the odor.

Fill in the blank: Lady _____.

Give me one word you’d use to describe the last kiss your man gave you.

Name a kind of ball it might feel like a woman is pushing out when she gives birth.

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