Euphoria Makeovers On TikTok That Wowed Me

But most importantly, it has a KILLER aesthetic.

The bright colors, eccentric shapes, and surplus of sparkles we see on the characters’ faces throughout the show can be attributed to Doniella Davy — the artist at the head of Euphoria’s makeup department.

Her makeup creations are so iconic, they’ve continuously been re-created by fans since the show dropped in 2019.

People are now showing their love for the aesthetic in the form of a “before and after” TikTok trend. First, we see the person either plain-faced or wearing simple makeup. Then, they fall backward into their bed, which acts as a transition to their final jaw-dropping look.

I mean COME ON. This is art.

The confidence? Immaculate.

Addison Rae even participated, and TBH she looked like a bad bleep.

Coming from someone who has the makeup skills of a sixth grader in 2005, I’m glad we have a few months before Halloween. I’m gonna need all the time I can get to master one of these looks!

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