Bill Burr’s SNL Monologue Reactions

“Did Bill Burr really just say that?”

Bill’s monologue covered a range of topical issues, from mask wearing…


The bit started with Bill praising those who wear masks.

…to white women in the “woke” movement…


He later added, “I don’t want to speak ill of my bitches here.”

…to LGBTQ Pride month.


He then added that Black people should have July as, “these are equator people.”

Some criticized the monologue:

who told bill burr he, a straight white man, should try to tackle homophobia and racism in the worst way possible in his snl monologue

Did Bill Burr really just say that? Calling Black folks “equator people,” White women “b–ches” and claiming he never heard of Pride Month. #SNL please do better

Bill Burr’s opening monologue is just obnoxious and misogynstic. It’s 2020. Someone tell him calling women “bitches” isn’t funny #SNL

While many praised Bill:

That Bill Burr monologue was fucking hilarious. And so well crafted minus the cancel culture part that bombed.

Bill Burr: white women have benefited from white supremacy as well, so sit y’all fake woke asses down

White women on twitter:

Bill Burr makes valid points about cancel culture trying to cancel EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. Then delivers jokes designed to prove that exact point. And twitter took the bait. Comedy is not for you. It’s about you. #billburr #snl

The irony in Bill Burr saying white women make everything about themselves, just to come online and see white women in fact crying over the episode & feeling attacked, is just great….can’t make this stuff up😂😂


And others were just unsurprised about the whole thing:

Were you a fan of Bill’s monologue? Or far from it? LMK in the comments!

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