Apple MacBooks use own chip, so Intel delivers own laptop computers

Lenovo’s new Yoga 9i laptop.

As with any bitter divorce, Apple and Intel are showing up to the big holiday party with vengeance in mind. To the benefit, mind you, of anyone in the market for a new laptop this holiday season.

In unveiling the first MacBooks with its own M1 processors – and the first without Intel chips in more than 14 years – Apple went to great lengths to make the case that it doesn’t need its old partner anymore. “With M1, MacBook Air is faster than 98% of PC laptops sold in the last year,” Laura Metz, Apple’s Mac product line manager, exclaimed during Apple’s broadcast Tuesday.

Apple even took a jab at its estranged partner with a remix of the wildly successful “I’m a Mac” campaign, featuring a cameo from John Hodgman, who played the PC in the last-decade ads. The series, unveiled during Apple’s transition to Intel processors, took shots at Microsoft Windows. This time, though, Apple targeted what it framed as shortcomings in Intel processors’ performance and battery life.

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Apple MacBook Air

How do you like me now?

But Intel has its own how-do-you-like-me-now card to play, dramatically raising the bar with its new 11th-generation Core processors, along with a portability brand called Evo. Evo-branded laptops are just now coming to market. In fact, the one I’ve been evaluating – Lenovo’s upcoming Yoga 9i – will be available this week, just as the first MacBooks ship to customers.

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